Getting Started

Install the package using npm:

npm install --save cmd-ts

or if you use Yarn:

yarn add cmd-ts

Using cmd-ts

All the interesting stuff is exported from the main module. Try writing the following app:

import { command, run, string, positional } from 'cmd-ts';

const app = command({
  name: 'my-first-app',
  args: {
    someArg: positional({ type: string, displayName: 'some arg' }),
  handler: ({ someArg }) => {
    console.log({ someArg });

run(app, process.argv.slice(2));

This app is taking one string positional argument and prints it to the screen. Read more about the different parsers and combinators in Parsers and Combinators.

Note: string is one type that comes included in cmd-ts. There are more of these bundled in the included types guide. You can define your own types using the custom types guide